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In today’s world, your business most likely relies heavily on technology. You’re probably even familiar with Traditional IT Support also known as “Break/Fix Approach”. This approach is reactive to your IT needs where you contact your IT provider to “fix something when it breaks”.

With modern technology, support is changing and becoming more efficient – especially for small businesses. One of these changes are Managed IT Support which is a proactive approach where your IT infrastructure is “looked at so it doesn’t break”.

Take a look at some of the differences between Traditional and Managed IT Support:

Traditional IT Support

  • Companies contact their IT Provider when something goes wrong or isn’t functioning properly
  • Access and availability of knowledgeable and experience technicians may be limited
  • Your IT problem might not be top priority for your provider if they have first come first serve structure
  • Unknown costs associated with the break/fix approach makes it difficult to plan your IT budget

Managed IT Support

  • Your IT Provider is continuously performing routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your network
  • You have unlimited access to an experienced and knowledgeable IT staff whenever a problem arises
  • Faster response time as most problems can be repaired remotely with the network operations center.
  • You pay a flat, monthly fee with no hidden costs that makes budgeting for IT easier

The biggest difference between Traditional and Managed IT Support is the way you and your IT Provider react to your IT needs. Managed IT Support is about preventing problems and keeping your business running smoothly rather than reacting to a problem after happens which can often be expensive.

While keeping costs low, problems minimized and your network updated, Managed IT Solutions may be the better choice especially if your business relies on the IT infrastructure to be up and running in order to maintain your day-to-day functions.

8 Ways Managed IT Support Can ELIMINATE Your Technology Frustrations

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