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Symantec Endpoint Protection allows you to focus on your business without compromising security or performance.

Malware has evolved from large-scale massive attacks to include Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats that cannot be stopped by antivirus alone. It is time to move beyond antivirus. Symantec™’s unique ability to provide intelligent security leverages the collective wisdom of the world’s largest Global Intelligence Network (GIN) that gathers data from millions of users and sensors.

Derived from GIN, the exceptional Insight™ technology in Symantec Endpoint Protection blocks mutating threats and enables faster scan time by analyzing a file’s reputation. Meanwhile, SONAR™ technology stops zero-day threats by monitoring file behavior in real time. With a single high-powered agent that integrates intelligent security technologies with strong antivirus and policy lockdown,

  • Stops targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats with intelligent security and layered protection that go beyond antivirus

  • Performance so fast your users will not know it is there

  • Single management console across physical and virtual platforms with granular policy control

In addition to core protection technologies, Symantec Endpoint Protection also provides granular policy controls.

Symantec Offers 5 Layers of Protection

  • Network

    Symantec’s network threat protection includes Vantage technology that analyses incoming data and blocks threats while they travel through the network before hitting the system. Rules-based firewall and browser protection are also included to protect against web-based attacks.

  • File

    Signature-based antivirus looks for and eradicates malware on a system to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, adware and rootkits.

  • Reputation

    Symantec’s unique Insight correlates tens of billions of linkages between users, files and websites to detect rapidly mutating threats. By analysing key file attributes, Insight can accurately identify whether a file is good and assign a reputation score to each file, effectively protecting against targeted attacks while reducing scan overhead by up to 70%.

  • Behavior

    SONAR leverages artificial intelligence to provide zero-day protection. It effectively stops new and unknown threats by monitoring nearly 1,400 file behaviors while they execute in real time to determine file risk.

  • Repair

    Power Eraser™ aggressively scans infected endpoints to locate Advanced Persistent Threats and remove tenacious malware. Remote support enables the administrator to trigger the Power Eraser scan and remedy the infection remotely from the Symantec Endpoint Protection management console.

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