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What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT Support

Are you stuck on the “Break/Fix” mentality? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! A lot of business owners are still using this approach for their IT needs. However, times are changing and there is now a better way of managing your IT How you ask? With Managed IT Support, of course! Managed IT Support focuses on … Read more…

How To Give Employees The PC They Want

Remember the days when no one had a PC at work, let alone at home? When a few people punched cards to be fed into computing machines that occupied whole rooms? Probably not. These days, an employee might not go on holiday with the family without half a dozen computers among them—laptop, a couple of … Read more…

How To Run A Simple IT Audit

IT Audit

You can’t manage an IT system effectively if you don’t know what it comprises. It’s alarmingly easy to lose sight of what makes up your IT ecosystem. And the job isn’t made easier by developments like employees bringing their own devices to work. Use the following steps to run a simple IT audit on your … Read more…

Traveling Safely with Technology


Even though the groundhog saw his shadow a couple of weeks ago, spring is definitely on the way! With spring, we often find ourselves traveling more – spring break, vacations, work trips, even a quick getaway with the family. But traveling also means that we are more likely to be in contact with strangers – … Read more…

Should you ditch your desktops?

Desktops have supported your business and workforce for years. But with new developments (wireless docking) and new form factors (Ultrabooks, detachables, tablets), desktops are now just one of a number of viable options for businesses looking to replace their aging fleet and/or upgrade their existing capabilities. So the question is: Should you ditch your desktop and … Read more…

Windows 10: Think Productivity & Security

Windows 10: Think Productivity & Security

If IT security isn’t a concern, it should be. All the time. Not only are hackers after your passwords and bank account details, they’re looking to hack smaller businesses to use them as backdoors into the larger businesses that are their victims’ customers. With that in mind, a move to Windows 10 might be a … Read more…




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