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To Back Up or Not To Back Up? This Shouldn’t Be A Question!

In today’s digital age, data is everything.  The first question I ask when talking data with a new client is “What would you do if this office burned to the ground tonight?”  Most give a blank stare and shrug their shoulders.  A few state that they have their data being backed up onto a portable hard drive.  Whether you are in one of these groups or somewhere in between, data integrity and up time should be at the top of your business priorities.

Let’s discuss the term “Up Time”.  This generally refers to the time your computer/network is running and functioning normally.  The optimal uptime can be achieved with proper equipment and ongoing maintenance.  One very important aspect of this should be Data and Disaster Recovery.  If some type of disaster does happen, do you have a backup?  Is that backup JUST your data such as databases and documents, or is it a full image of your server or PC?  Raw data is better than nothing but having an actual image of the downed machine is best and will offer (hopefully) the quickest turnaround to get your business back up and running.

Server Image vs. Data Only

Let us know differentiate between an “Image” and a “Data Only” backup.  An Image refers to taking an actual snapshot of your server or PC at ONE moment in time.  This is normally done overnight when little or no data is being changed.  This is then stored as a single file or multiple files to be used at a later date.  This image contains ALL operating system and application software that you are using on the device.  It also contains ALL data stored on the aforementioned system.




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